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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Firefox 10 is here

Mozilla has finally released the 10th version of firefox. This latest release comes with some major improvements and some new features. Version 10.0 has a number of significant features added, related to the web developer tools. This version also shows a better support for some web standards. This is the first official extended support release of Firefox.

There is a small change brought to the browser's navigation bar. The forward button will be visible only when the user navigates back a page. That means the button only shows when it can be activated. When the user clicks the forward arrow button and returns to the front of the history stack, the button will disappear again.

Also the keyhole shape is also only visible when a user navigates back a page. In addition, firefox has added the following features for web-developers. Firefox 10 has a new tightly-integrated developer panel with a richer DOM inspector and a tool for viewing, toggling, and modifying CSS properties.


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