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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Steelseries is giving away free Prizes. Don't miss this.

Steelseries India is organising a contest on the occasion of HOLI in which you can win prizes worth over Rs. 4,30,000.

You just need to enter the contest and you will get a unique code, ask your friends to register for the event using the same code provided to you. For 4 invites you get a gaming mouse or a gaming keyboard or a gaming mousepad for your clan.
If you are able to get 10 invites you become eligible for winning a cool msi LAPTOP.
The contest is open to residents of India only.

Register Using this link.
Or for more details click here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Microsoft office 15 revealed...

Microsoft office 15's first few looks have been revealed and expected they come with a new metro look.  This version of office has a better interface . It also comes with a better touch interface that makes document browsing and presentation easy on teblets and touch based laptops . Word also comes with certain improvements like smoother scrolling, zoom on double click etc. There are also many improvements in excel , powerpoint and outlook.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The longest video on youtube - ever watched it?

Ever thought how long can a video be on youtube? You might have never given it a thought. But yes there are videos too long to be seen. Just guess - how long can a video be on youtube ? Anywhere around 3 hrs or 4 hrs or so - because there are movies with this length on youtube ? No, its neither 3 nor 4, neither 10 nor 100 ..................................................

Its a whooping 596 hrs, 41 minutes video on youtube. There are other such videos too that are around 560 hrs   long. The Nyan cat videos are themselves 100 hrs long but this one is around 596 hrs, that makes it the longest video ever uploaded on youtube.

Search for the following keywords on youtube and you'll get the video - THE LONGEST VIDEO ON YOUTUBE - 596.5 HOURS



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