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Monday, February 27, 2012

Airtel's new trick : Unlimited 3G internet.

betechupdated brings to you a new trick to get 3G internet, unlimited for free. Just follow these steps :

  1. Sign-up with your-freedom - link
  2. Verify your e-mail address to activate your account.
  3. Download the installer from this link.
  4. Install this software on your PC.
  5. Open the interface.
  6. Do the following settings -
  • Click on configure.
  • Go to server connections.
  • Fil in the following data -

     address -
     Port - 80
     7. Go to proxy settings.
     8. Fill in the following data-
           Proxy- address -
           Proxy-port - 80
     9. Go to account details and fill in your username and password, that you used to register with the site.
     10. Click on save and Exit and then go to the main window and then to ports and untick Web proxy.
     11. Fill in 8888 there and then tick it again.

You are done now. Click on start connection and wait for some seconds.

Now the last step remains. You need to configure your browser with some proxy settings. Just go to connections and fill in the following information - 
Proxy -
Port - 8888

HTC unveils OneX

Just announced at the Mobile World Congress 2012, HTC OneX is a new addition to the HTC One family of mobile devices.

The device features android 4.0 OS, the latest version of Android, with an HTC sense interface - Sense 4.0 . The device also features three touch buttons, for actions like going back , home and opening recent apps.

The handset comes with a large 4.7" super LCD 2 display, featuring 1280 X 720 pixels HD resolution and Gorilla Glass. The handset is 9.27 mm thick ,comes in black and white colors and is of the same size as HTC Titan and Sensation XL.

The OneX comes with an 8 MP camera, to give you an ultimate photography experience with five levels of LED flash ans automatic focus. The device also supports playback for 1080p videos and recording. There is a 1.3 MP camera in the front, capable of shooting 720 p videos. The music hub is a one-stop for all music apps.

HTC OneX also features a better image sensor and imaging dedicately for only photos and videos. Now talking about the processor and storage space of the device - The device comes with a 1.5GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and a 1800 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and storage space of 32 GB , but unfortunately there's no expandable memory slot. But ofcourse, HTC is offering you a 25GB of online storage space.

Panasonic introduces the all new Eluga

Panasonic's constant flops in the mobile handset market caused it to stop the manufacturing of mobile devices. But after over six years of silence , Panasonic is back and is back with a bang. Panasonic released its Eluga series during the MWC -2012(Mobile World Convention - 2012) . Panasonic revealed this device recently and has made it sure that this come back is a successful one.
The Eluga features a 1150mAh battery with a battery life of 4 hours and 12 days of standby time. The phone is water proof and can be dipped in water of a height upto 1.5 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes. The device also comes with an "Eco mode" Power Management option. The OS is Android 2.3.5 with an upgrade to android 4.0 .
Dimensions : 213 X 62 X 7.8mm - this makes the phone ultra slim and gives the device a dashing look.

New Nokia phone features 41 MP camera

Yes friends, its neither 4.1 nor 0.41, its a 41 MP camera phone. Nokia unveiled its 41 MP camera phone during the mobile world congress 2012.  The ultimate gadget is called the Nokia 808 PureView featuring a 41 MP camera, Belle OS and a 4 inch display. The price is being estimated at around 450 euros. The engine is a 1.3 GHz chip - single core and the phone features a 360 X 640 (nHD) resolution. The phone comes with a 512 MB RAM and 16GB of storage space. Data speeds upto 14.4 Mbps and a carl zeiss camera makes Nokia 808 worth it.
The device is expected to arrive in May 2012.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Watch your favorite TV channel LIVE on VLC media Player

Betechupdated brings to you a very cool trick to play your favorite tv channels on VLC media player. Although the quality is not very good but you can still watch the channels as the audio quality is far much better. This trick requires some very simple steps. Just follow the following steps :

1. Open VLC media player.
2. Go to Media and then click on "Streaming" as shown.

3. Now a new pop-up window opens. Go to the network tab and enter the URL of the tv channel (from the list of TV channels given below) that you wish to see in the URL bar as shown. For e.g. For CNBC TV 18 , enter this URL - rtsp://

4. Now click on the small upside arrow next to the stream tab and press play.

5. You now have your favorite tv channel playing on VLC media Player.... Enjoy!!!

Here is a list of some other TV channels - 

NDTV     rtsp://
NDTV Profit      rtsp://
Times Now       rtsp://
Aaj Tak            rtsp://
CNBC Aawaz   rtsp://
CNBC TV 18    rtsp://
Headlines Today     rtsp://
NDTV 24×7      rtsp://
NK News        rtsp://
RAJ News       rtsp://
ETV              rtsp://
Studio N        rtsp://
SVBC            rtsp://
Zoo Vision     rtsp://
B4u Music     rtsp://
iMusic           rtsp://
Zee Tamil       rtsp://
Zee Kannad    rtsp://
Zee Bangla     rtsp://
Music Box      rtsp://
Bella Tv          rtsp://
Fashion Tv      rtsp://
Adventure       rtsp://
Horror            rtsp://
Comedy         rtsp://
Classic          rtsp://
Crime             rtsp://
Mystery         rtsp://
Clubbing Tv     rtsp://

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Firefox 10 is here

Mozilla has finally released the 10th version of firefox. This latest release comes with some major improvements and some new features. Version 10.0 has a number of significant features added, related to the web developer tools. This version also shows a better support for some web standards. This is the first official extended support release of Firefox.

There is a small change brought to the browser's navigation bar. The forward button will be visible only when the user navigates back a page. That means the button only shows when it can be activated. When the user clicks the forward arrow button and returns to the front of the history stack, the button will disappear again.

Also the keyhole shape is also only visible when a user navigates back a page. In addition, firefox has added the following features for web-developers. Firefox 10 has a new tightly-integrated developer panel with a richer DOM inspector and a tool for viewing, toggling, and modifying CSS properties.



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