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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'RA.One' proves Indian films can match Western technology: Karan Johar

Whatever be the final commercial and critical verdict on Shah Rukh Khan's forthcoming science fiction Ra.One, it will go down in Indian film history as the movie which has used computer generated visual effects footage the most in Indian cinema so far, putting even last year's Rajinikanth blockbuster Enthiran or Robot in the shade.

Hardly any of those who have seen the trailer are discussing Khan's looks or his performance in Ra.One, short for Random Access - Version 1.0, or the plot. Everyone is gushing about the film's visual effects, or VFX. Even Hollywood is impressed. "New minute of Captain America visuals pales in comparison to the 10-second Ra. One teaser," says Movieline, an international website that reviews film trailers. So too director Shekhar Kapur, whose Mr India made in 1987 was one of the first Indian films to use VFX, tweeted: "Shah Rukh's Ra.One has raised the bar on VFX technique in Indian cinema... Hope other filmmakers catch up!"

Filmmaker Karan Johar, who saw the preview of " RA.One", is going ga ga over the movie and says it has the best computer graphics India has ever seen and proves India can match the technology used in Western movies.

 "I just saw 'RA.One'! Adrenalin pumping and the best computer graphics India has ever seen! Its a mega blockbuster super hero ride! Outstanding," the 39-year-old posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The superhero film RA.One is reported to have around 3,500 VFX (visual effects) shots. This is said to have even outstripped Hollywood blockbuster James Cameron's Avatar that had around 2,700 VFX shots.


  1. I really liked the line above "It's a cakewalk for Arjun Rampal to remain expressionless" :-) Well SRK is no Steve Jobs. He doesn't know what Indian audience want, neither can he make people at large to love something just because he did it. Being an ardent fan, it's so disappointing. Looking forward to Don 2.

  2. Well you can expect Don2 to bring in something much better than raOne



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