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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Play flv and other common format files on Windows Media Player

Ever tried playing flv files with windows media player? If yes and if you were unsuccesful, then here's a post which is really worth giving a try. Managing media files of different formats with different players is quite a tidious job to do for the PC as well as for you as players other than WMP may take much longer time to open before they can play the file. Its always better to play all files with a single media player. Well we have a number of options for this task to be done like VLC ,media player classic etc. but reading the post
- top 5 media players for windows will let you know why is it better to go for windows media player (although not in top 5).
Here is a plugin that will let you play flv and some other common media formats that are generally not supported by the "by default" windows media player. This plugin is called windows essentials codec pack.
Click here to download.
Just install and start playing any media file on WMP.

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