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Friday, January 13, 2012

Lenovo Yoga -360 degrees flipping notebook- Hands on

Well looking at the picture,at the first instant, you may think that this is some calendar kept on a table . But give this thing a closer look. Its not a card , nor a digital calendar. This is a 13.3 inch notebook/laptop/tablet . Yes, manufactured by lenovo, this product was featured at the CES 2012 being held right now. With the release of some other notebooks, Lenovo unveiled this ultimate notebook called the Yoga.

As the name suggests, this notebook defines what's a flexible laptop. Its screen can turn 360's , leaving all the other notebook's behind that come with cool screen features . The screen is touch sensitive and the machine is loaded with windows 8 and is expected to arrive during the mid or late-mid time of the year.

The notebook has sensors that sense the rotation of the screen and turn the screen view upside down, to make the view straight on the opposite end.
Now you must be thinking - what about the keyboard when the screen is turned 360 degrees. Well, lenovo has the answer to your curiosity. As and when the screen is rotated, the keyboard and mouse turns off, thereby preventing and false clicks or keystrokes. Also the keyboard keys come with double paint layer on the characters printed on the keys. And the keyboard is at a level bit lower than the rest of the body surrounding it, thereby preventing and damage to the keys.

Experts are predicting that the notebook will come with a 256GB SSD and 8  GB of RAM, and 8 hrs of battery life, while the processor might be the intel's next-gen ivy -processors.

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