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Monday, October 24, 2011

LG Smart TV goes on the charm offensive, appeals to Adobe developers

LG wants to bring the world of Adobe Flash to your living room. Yes, 2012's lineup of Smart TVs, theater systems and Blu-ray players are all set to arrive with support for both Flash Player and AIR 3, and the Korean manufacturer is keen to get developers signed up for its next-generation Smart TV SDK. The new software development kit will include a simplified dashboard, the ability to render 2D apps in 3D and even "console-quality gaming." Throw in Adobe's new Game Input API, and we could see tablets, joysticks and even LG-made smartphones used to control on-screen action. LG has informed us that these upgrades will be limited to next year's catalogue -- your 2011 purchases won't support the new software, and will have to make do with the slightly weedier Adobe Flash Lite. New Smart TVs will also be compatible with the Wiimote-esque Magic Motion Remote, bringing gesture-based awkwardness to menu selection.

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