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Friday, October 7, 2011

Aakash tablet - why to buy, why not to buy!

Why should you opt for Akaash?

1. Its cheap, and best for the bucks if you are not willing to spend much on a tablet.
2. Too much in just 2,500 INR.
3. Android 2.2 OS.
4. Multimedia Players with a variety of playable format .
5. Supports a wide variety of documents and apps.
6. 7" Touch screen.
7. Wifi enabled.

Why should you not buy Akaash?

1. If you have really summed up a good amount of bucks especially for a tablet, then this tablet is not meant for you. You have other options as well.
2. Resistive touch screen.
3. Slow processor- only 366 MHz.
4. Less RAM - 256 MB , making it slower.
5. Doesn’t have Android Marketplace, has Getjar instead.
6. Not a very long battery runtime.

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