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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Apple iPhone 4S Review

Look and feel

Sleek and powerful inside and out, the metal and glass construct of the iPhone 4S is still the most distinctive build around, while its incredibly responsive touch-screen makes navigation blissfully smooth

Ease of use

You may not be able to customise the icon-based interface as much as on Android phones, but if less is more, iOS 5 is elegantly simple to use whether you're writing an email, loading a map or use voice commands to set an alarm

FeaturesMost of the hardware bumps are beneath its bonnet with a beefier dual-core 1GHz chip and faster graphics, but the eight-megapixel lens really impresses. iOS 5 is where the meat of the upgrade lies, with a full-bodied sync program in iCloud, which lets you backup data online and access anywhere with your Apple ID


Apps load and run with serious speed and slickness while the excellent touch-screen keyboard is still the best on any smartphone

Battery life

With internet and GPS, we easily lasted the day, which is an improvement on the iPhone 4 and better than many comparable smartphones.

1 comment:

  1. The teardown of the iPhone 4S revealed a new battery pack that's just a wee bit bigger than that found in the 4, so the promised increase in longevity found here must come from more efficient internals.



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