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Sunday, July 17, 2011

All about torrents!

What is a torrent?

KEEPING IT SIMPLE, Using a torrent you download that particular file which the torrent belongs to. Suppose you want to download a file or a software say 'A', then 'A' will has torrents related to it, which vary in quantity. That torrent corresponding to the file is downloaded and is then used by the torrent client to download the file.

How is downloading through torrent different from regular download? 

Downloading via torrent is different from regular download, as regular or direct downloads may not support the resume feature, but torrents always do! Using a torrent client you can stop,pause or start the download any time you want. Even turning off the PC doesn't affect the portion of file downloaded, the download resumes from the point it was last stopped.

What is a torrent client?

Using a torrent client you actually use the torrent file to download the thing that the torrent belongs to.
download a  free torrent client here 

How to download a file using torrent? 

1. Prerequisite : To download a file using torrent, you need to have a torrent client. Download and install bittorrent from the link provided above.
2. Now go to a torrent search engine like or
3. Type the name of the file you are searching for in the search box.
4. Click on search
5. After clicking on search, you will see a number of files listed below the search box. Click on the appropriate file.
6. After clicking on the appropriate file, a new page opens, providing you options of different torrent sites.
7. Click on any of the sites, or the one you know about.
8. The site opens. Click on "download torrent".
9. After saving the torrent file, locate it on your PC and double click on it or Double click on the torrent file being shown in "downloads".
10. Bittorrent opens and download starts.

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