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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lenovo steps into the world of tablets

LENOVO launches its android based tablets 

Lenovo has just launched its android and windows based tablets. The Ideapad tablets are based on both windows 7 and android 3.1 while the Thinkpad offers only the Android 3.1 series.The Ideapad Tablet K1 is based on the recently launched Android 3.1 honeycomb platform while the Ideapad P1 works on windows 7.

The Lenovo Ideapad tablet K1 

The K1 has features such as full flash support, for your online surfing, HD display giving an awesome viewing experience. The K1has an HDMI output, more than 30 apps, front and rear cameras and integrated cloud storage to share your files with other devices. The tablet costs $499.

The Lenovo ideapad tablet P1 

The ideapad P1 features inputs froma digitizer pen, provides full flash support, USB and micro SD card reader, integrated front camera with some business apps. The product is yet to hit the markets.

The Thinkpad tablet

 Finally talking about the Thinkpad tablet. This tablet is based on Android 3.1 platform. This is an ultimate gadget for businessmen. Supports security features. Uses digitizer pen. With HD diplay and an HDMI output you get high quality viewing experience. Full flash support, Cloud sharing and preloaded apps makes this tab a perfect one.


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