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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Play Station 4 to be launched in 2012!


Sony is busy improving PS3 and is going to launch a whole new version the "PS4" with quite a lot of improvements in the PS3, as said by the sources.
There have been speculations that Sony is going to improve the present PS3 NVIDIA RSX graphics processor for an Intel Larrabee chip.Also, the PS4 may have an 802.11n chipset instead of the 802.11b/g present in the PS3's. The PS4 may use another one similar to the PS3’s cell processor - a 65nm chip like the PowerXCell 8i, which supports at least 8 SPE (Synergistic Processing Elements). This is more as the PS3's support 7 SPE's.
Apart from the  multi-core processors, PS4 may also include an additional physics card that helps in improving the game’s physics. For example, the spattering of water and rain may already look more realistic basing it on the laws of physics. The realism on trees and units falling down to either right or left will also be improved.

The PS4 will also have:

  •  Blu-Ray compatibility
  • Greater Storage Capacity
  • Smaller Console Size
The PS4 is expected to release in 2012.

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