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Monday, July 18, 2011

How do 3D TV's work?

All about 3D TVs

Ever thought about the thing that makes a TV show a 3D movie? Well if you didnt, then here's all the stuff about how 3D TV's work.
What makes you feel that a 2D screen is producing a 3D image...well its all a trick being played with your eyes and the stuff below..

Now, Using a handful of gadgets you can really get that 3D experience. A 3D capable Blu Ray player, a 3D TV, and of course...the glasses. Combination of these, deliver separate, full HD (1080 p) images to each eye. Blu-Ray discs have plenty of space to store a separate 1080p signal and also the coding for each, the left and the right eye. The 3D players use a special chip. This chip identifies the coding,interprets it and sends the coding to the 3D TV.

Now comes the role of TV.

How are 3D TV's different from those conventional ones?

Well, after the 3D player sends the coding info to the TV, a special software in the TV converts the code into images and the TV shows the images in High Definition and when these images, different for each eye formed from the special coding for each eye, reach our eyes and merge into one, we see depth. Its just like the real life phenomenon in which images seen by the left and right eye merge into one to produce depth. The difference in technical world is only between reality and coding. For 3D TV's to deliver these High Definition images conitnuously, the TV has to refresh the picture 120 times a second with alternating frames for each, the left and the right eye. This tricks your brain. Since an image remains for only 16th part of a second, here you have an image refreshed for each eye at 60th part of a second. This is where the trick lies.

The glasses also play a major role in producing the 3D effect. The glasses are basically active shutter glasses. This means that they work exactly like a shutter in a camera, blocking one eye at a time, so that eyes see the image meant for it. The glasses are made of clear LCD lenses, that darken and brighten according to the image signals.

NOTE : It is always adviced not to view TV or cinema continuously in 3D. Its true and just because of the trick being played with your brain. This causes eye strain.

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