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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Downloading Nokia OVI store apps to computer

Download OVI apps direct to your PC

If you are unable to download your favorite apps from the Nokia OVI store to your mobile, here's a way out. This method helps you to download the OVI stoe apps directly to your PC. 


1. Open mozilla firefox 3.6.10 or an earlier version.Now go to and in the search box type the            following "name of your device".
2. Open the link which looks like"model no."
3. Open the general tab on right hand side of the webpage.if you cant find it manually, you can use the searcg option, press ctrl + F and then type general.
4.Search for "Example User Agent header" and copy all the text(in form of a code).
5. Now in you browser, go to Tools>DUA(Default User Agent)>Edit User Agent> click New> New User Agent
6.Press ctrl + v or simply paste the code you copied from the NOKIA site under 'User Agent'.
7.Enter your Mobile name under the 'description' option, and delete other entries.
8.Click on Ok 2 times.
9. Now once again go to Tools>Default User Agent and select the model no. of your phone.
10. Go to OVI store ( and enjoy downloading OVI store apps to your PC!!

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