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Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Google+ desktop app for windows and Google+ crosses 20million customer mark

Free download Google+ app  for windows 
Google+ has already attracted 20 million users within 3 weeks of its launch. This social networking site has really grown with quite a high speed and with such a response to google+ beta version, google is sure to to do quite well when it releases the complete one. 
 On wednesday web traffic recoder site Comscore, estimated that the Google+ page was visited 20 million times by over 5.31 million from the US itself and 2.85 from India alone. With such a huge number of people logging onto google's social networking site's test version, google is sure to get an unbeatable response when it launches the full version. Last week this number was found to be 10 million by Larry Page and this wednesday it saw an unprecedented increase.Google is also going to add some social games to its google+ .
Well if you are a Google+ user we have something in store for you.
Yes, its an app using which you can access google+ directly from your desktop and its called the GClient. Google has always tried to give its services a smaller form that is easy to access and easy to use, be it the URL or the gtalk client. Keeping in mind the same thing google released its google+ app for windows desktop, the GClient.

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